MDMA – Ecstasy Identification Test By:ITG LABS


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Ecstasy Identification Kit

  • test suspected substances for drug presence and identification
  • simple – no confusing directions or complicated kits
  • reliable – developed under supervision of DEA-experienced forensic chemists
  • safe – no breaking glass and no exposure to corrosive acids or violent reactions
  • dependable – reagents are the same used by forensic chemists
  • when you’re out there on the street, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with

Product Details

Ecstasy Identification Kit


  • two small glass vials
  • detailed instructions


  1. open both vials.
  2. touch tip of swab to drug.
  3. place swab into vial with pad.
  4. secure cap.
  5. a rapidly-appearing purple color indicates the identification of ecstasy.

Hints and Tips

  1. if you have an unknown substance, use this sequence to positively identify the material.
  2. perform the ecstasy test – if it turns purple, ecstasy is confirmed. if it turns yellow, perform the LSD test and if that turns purple, LSD is confirmed.
  3. if no color from the ecstasy test is indicated, perform the marquis test.
  4. perform the marquis test – if it turns purple, heroin, morphine or codeine is confirmed. if it turns orange before it turns purple, amphetamine or methamphetamine in confirmed. perform the methamphetamine test – if it turns purple, methamphetamine is confirmed.
  5. if no color from the marquis test is indicated, perform the cocaine/crack test.
  6. perform the cocaine/crack test, if it turns blue, cocaine or crack is confirmed.


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